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Over the years, a number of Bollywood films have copied several of Channi Singh’s
compositions from Alaap’s Punjabi Bhangra albums:

  • Song: Main Pyar Ki Pujarin
    Film: Hatya (1988)
    Alaap’s Song: Pyar De Pujari
    Album: Nach Mundeya (1986)
  • Song: Mujhe Neend Na Aaye
    Film: Dil (1990)
    Alaap’s Song: Chunni Ud Ud Jae
    Album: Nach Mundeya (1986)
  • Song: Nach Mundeya
    Film: Beta (1992)
    Alaap’s Song: Nach Mundeya
    Album: Nach Mundeya (1986)
  • Song: O Mere Dholna
    Film: Aashiq (2001)
    Alaap's Song: Dama Dum Mast Kalandar (Intro)
    Album: Nach Mundeya (1986)
    Alaap’s Song: Ve Vanjareya
    Album: Dance with Alaap (1982)